Brad takes pride in over 50 written recommendations from C-Suite executives to interns he mentored that are thriving today in their careers.

In my career, I’ve been extremely lucky to partner with Brad on creating new ventures and radically transforming existing organizations. Brad embodies what every business leader wants and needs, but rarely gets: a business oriented, progressive and strategic HR leader, who generates cogent perspective on both people issues and business issues, and makes a real difference in achieving results. Brad is wonderful to work with as a leader, an advisor, a coach and a champion – I would recommend any leader to benefit from his energy, clarity, optimism and intelligence!

Marcello MastioniInternet GM, US public company COO • Digital/Internet/PropTech • Expedia, HomeAway, Vrbo, Hubzu

Brad is not your typical senior HR executive. He is strategic, dynamic, a game changer and ideal leader for a fast moving and aggressively growing organization. Above all, he is an empathetic leader, a human being, a family guy and a loyal business partner who cares deeply about the people and the business outcome who communicates extremely well up and down to deliver results. Brad is thoughtful on advising senior leadership on the investment in human capital and talents to help organizations to scale, while is capable of thinking out of the box and brings innovative thinking as the company grows to make an impact in the market. Any organization will be fortunate to have Brad as a senior leader on the executive team!

Helen X.Head of Public Sector Channel and Alliances at Collibra

Brad is an absolute game changer. Shortly after Brad joined Collibra as our VP of People, I could feel the collaboration and culture shift for the better. He has an incredible work ethic - paired with being genuine, trustworthy, down to earth, and approachable - all rarities to find in any VP. Not only has Brad been able to understand and assess employee needs throughout the business (at all levels), he has built and executed on strategic initiatives and programs mapped back to those needs and business objectives across our overall employee experience. The strong relationships he has built and fostered at the executive, leadership, and employee levels are a true testament to his character and ability to relate to different types of personalities.

Angela LosaccoVice President of Sales

Brad is an HR executive that is a creative problem solver that uses his strategic mindset and deep personal relationships to solve complex business challenges. He does an excellent job engaging with his C level team, partnering with them to drive impactful programs that drove bottom line results. A unique leader with both strategic and tactical human resources experience. Brad was able to bring together cross-functional teams to take truly holistic approaches to supporting the business and create effective outcomes. His work ethic is impeccable, and he is easily adjustable to any situation. He is willing to put that extra effort whenever you need it. He would be an asset to any organization.

Aileen BlackSVP Sales, Executive Team member at Collibra

Brad is one of the sharpest, honest, and hard-working business partners I have ever worked with. In Collibra's 2021 Sales planning cycle, we partnered together to deliver sales territories, coverage models, and quotas within record speed, allowing our sales organization to quickly understand our 2021 priorities and where to deploy critical resources. On any given day, no matter how busy he is, Brad is also always quick to help, bounce ideas, and provide effective feedback. I really don't know how he does it all. Brad is way more than an HR leader. He's a trusted advisor and a mission-critical asset to any organization.

Tony HungDirector of Field Operations at Collibra

Brad’s ability to coordinate and execute was instrumental in accelerating my personal onboarding and dramatically decreased the time it has taken for me to get acclimated... and all done within the framing of the pandemic. Brad’s overall understanding of the business... not just people impressive and expansive. Because of that knowledge, Brad has been a partner of mine and a go-to in three critical areas: people, process, and platform.

John PullenVice President of Global Sales Engineering at Collibra

Brad helped Collibra transform and prepare itself for a new level of growth. In one year he was key to help build new leadership teams across the field, finding excellent new talent. The best trait of Brad is that he is capable of balancing the people's team obligation to represent the company's interest while doing what is best for the employee base. Especially for high growth, fast changing companies, Brad is an incredible asset.

Koen Van DuyseCollibra | GCP | AWS | Azure

For nearly one year, Brad and I worked closely together as an HR/Communications superteam. We partnered together on significant organizational communications and change management activities that impacted the entire company. I truly appreciated that he brought to every conversation a clear POV, but was open to hearing others' opinions and ideas, and truly integrated those into very thoughtful and engaging actions. His approachable leadership style allows for honest dialogue but decisive action, which is something every company needs. If you want an HR leader who is excited by change, eager to take on complex challenges, and empathetic to employees' experiences, Brad is your person.

BrieAnn OsgoodSenior Executive Communications Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

HR Professional may be what LinkedIn says, but limiting Brad to simply being an HR Professional greatly undermines the value he is capable of delivering. There is no doubt, Brad is at the top of his field within the space of HR; however, I viewed him as a true business partner. Brad has a unique capability to assess all aspects (People, Operations, Financials) of a business challenge and bring strategic thought and solutions, well outside of "just" the HR space. Brad's contributions always challenged me to be better as I would try to keep up with his thought process, agility, and speed of execution. My hope is that Brad and I have the opportunity to work together again.

Jim VacaOperations Management | Banking | Product Mgmt | Field Services | Strategy | SaaS | PMO | Procurement | Six Sigma | MBA

Brad has a unique leadership skill which allows him to be highly pragmatic while driving constant innovation. As his direct report, I was always impressed by Brad's ability to inspire his team to continuously think differently and do better. It was a tremendous learning opportunity to have worked with Brad on the Strategic Partner program at Altisource. His results-oriented drive to improve how HR works by intentionally changing traditionally-siloed functions into ones that are closely integrated has led to a paradigm-shift that benefits all parties.

Brad's truly open-door policy and his compassionate candor made for not only a great manager but also an approachable and trusted mentor. I wish Brad well for his future endeavors and look forward to working with him again.

Abhishek Patro, MBAConsultant at Seen@Work

Innovator, forward-thinker, mentor, results-driven are words that come to mind when I think of Brad. I have known Brad for the past three years, as CPO and my mentor. Brad has always taken the time to check on staff, how they are doing, and know them at a personal level. He has helped me grow my career by being my mentor, providing stretch projects, always being there, but also providing developmental feedback that is impactful.

What I truly appreciate about Brad is that he is focused on building a positive culture while establishing people-oriented policies that drive business results. He is genuine, thoughtful while committed to business goals. One of the biggest skill sets I learned from Brad was being focused on analytics and business results versus the classic approach and trying the traditional methods when it comes to talent acquisition and learning. I will miss working with Brad and being able to walk down to his office whenever I needed assistance! Brad is one of the best and talented leaders I have had the pleasure of knowing and any company is lucky to have him!

Aziz KhetaniManager, Learning Operations at Frontdoor, Inc.

Brad was so enjoyable to work with. Even when I know he was very busy and it wasn’t his job to respond he always did happily. He made the boring workplace fun and was one of the few that actually care about humanity and enjoyment of the workspace. Always staying on top of communication and enabling the organization. He will make a great addition to any organization that is lucky enough to scoop him up

Sarah AcostaVice President, Product and Data Operations at Veros Real Estate Solutions (Veros)

Brad is a renaissance-style Chief People Officer. At his core he has boundless energy and enthusiasm that lifts every team he works with. Add on an open and inquisitive nature which helps him bring new technologies and protocols to the work of People Operations. Top it off with a strong business and analytic orientation and you have an unmatched business partner. I was lucky to have Brad's support at Altisource and now have a new appreciation (and expectations) of the value a great CPO can bring to a business.

Joshua SteffanVice President and Group General Manager, Inspection and Real Estate SaaS Solutions at Porch

I would describe Brad as a rare talent! I had the pleasure of recently working with Brad at Altisource Corp., collaborating on several projects and programs. I was always impressed with Brad's "visionary" skills and fast action on solving complex situations. I truly enjoyed the experience!

Mary Johnson, SWPVP of Global Talent Acquisition at Altisource

Brad was instrumental in bringing HR and Talent Acquisition into a technology and AI based organization, improving efficiencies and capabilities. He inspired us to stretch our capabilities, learn new processes and technology, while providing the resources to minimize the hiring timeline and maximizing the quality of hires.

Alison ParraTalent Acquisition Partner at Altisource

Working with Brad at Altisource/ was a terrific experience. He is smart, driven and makes everyone around him better by challenging them to think about problems and solutions in a different and more innovative way. His ability to tie people/HR practices directly to financial impact on the business utilizing data and analytics was one of the many things Brad taught me - and it totally changed how I approach every new initiative. I look forward to seeing what he does in the future!

Lissa Bowen (She/Her)Talent Acquisition | Talent Management | Consulting | Coaching | Executive Recruiting

It's rare to find a Human Resource executive with Brad's business acumen and ability to meaningfully participate and contribute to the strategic conversation. I worked closely with Brad during the turnaround of a start-up venture and despite his overwhelming responsibilities on the corporate side of the house, Brad dedicate himself to the start-up venture and was a true and valuable partner. Brad's work ethic is unmatched! The guy is always on and available. His most valuable and unique quality is his ability to see patterns and make connections that many other's aren't able to see and to develop and execute plans around those insights. He's a very progressive thinker and a valuable member of any team.

Dan MaloneyStrategic Sales Leader ▲ Team Development ▲ Agile Growth Leader

Brad is an exceptional leader with an in depth understanding of various facets of HR. His ability to analyze tons of information to make quick decisions is commendabale and admired by Business leaders he supports. He brings immense energy to the workplace. He is a progressive leader who is not afraid to experiment and test his twist on how HR should contribute to business and make a difference. He challenged me and the rest of the team to think differently, innovate and succeed without compromising on the agility expected of our function. He will be an asset to any organization he will lead the HR function for. I wish him great success!

Kavita KhetarpalHuman Resources Director at Honeywell

Brad is an HR leader with expertise is strategy , performance improvement and global delivery. He is a strong communicator with great people skills; people who know him can feel positive vibes all around him which makes him approachable. He has revolutionized the way HR functions with the approach of rolling policies with full engagement from all stakeholders. His charisma in thinking out of the box is well appreciated. Brad is an asset to any organization. All the best!

Ashwin E KrishnanVice President at and EQUATOR®

Brad is one of the brightest and most energetic people that I've ever had the privilege of working with. His positive energy is contagious within an organization. He was admired throughout Altisource and highly sought after for his level-headed approach toward planning and problem-solving. Brad's communication and leadership abilities are second to none. He would be an attribute to any organization, and I would jump at the chance to work with him again in the future.

Phil HuffLeader ☞ Motivator ☞ Innovator

The future of HR will require a transformative leader who is capable of shifting mindsets, focus, operating models and enablers (Technology); Brad delivers in all. Brad's contagious positivity and high expectations has not only contributed to my professional growth, but it also enabled me to deliver impact on the organization. He is a supportive leader whose energy will force you out of a comfort zone to accomplish the unexpected. He is a true agent of change and a value add for any organization.

Mak Kishun, Ed.D., SSGBOrganizational Development and Change Leadership| VR/Serious Games Expert| NSLS Recipient | Sr. Regional Director of Training Delivery at Transcom Worldwide

Brad brings an energy that is infectious to everything he does! He is a tremendous business partner. Through his leadership he has enabled us to make strategic decisions that would position the best talent in our most critical roles. Brad is innovative in the solutions he has helped to create for how we recognize and reward associates. I will continue to follow his career closely because he will add value to the next organization he joins.

Marisol (Sol) AvilaSenior Director: U.S. Default Operations at Altisource

I had the good fortune to work with Brad at Altisource. I found him to be a tremendous business partner and someone who often helped me solve complex problems that are usually way beyond the typical HR executive. I highly recommend Brad!

Brian Simon, CMBSenior Vice President, Director of Mortgage at First Savings Bank, Indiana

I have had the privilege to work with Brad directly on his HR Leadership Team. I have found Brad to be a progressive HR leader with keen business acumen and go-getting spirit. He brings a breath of fresh air to the HR function and in fact was instrumental in strategically rebranding HR as "People Solutions". With his leadership, we have successfully implemented many transformational initiatives likes OKRs, re-envisioning Rewards, re-launching Performance Management to a more progressive impact measure rather than performance measure, etc. Overall, he is an exceptional HR leader and someone to watch out for who is coming up with some radical HR initiatives to have compelling business impact. I highly recommend him both as a leader to work with and a CHRO for any org that wants to transform its HR function.

Anil SanthapuriHR Top40Under40; 2-time CLO Practitioner Winner; Learning Leader@CGI; Executive Coach; Digital Transformation Enthusiast

Brad was my coach and teacher for three months while I was working as an HR & Recruiting Intern at ADCAP Network Systems, Inc. Bradford taught me -- and showed me through his own diligent work -- what it truly takes to be an exceptional Human Resources Representative. He showed me how to properly screen resumes to determine candidacy for various positions, the essentials of conducting a successful interview, how to utilize LinkedIn and other sources to recruit, the importance of knowing and adhering to state and federal HR laws, and other skills like promptness, organization, etc.

Brad fully represented ADCAP's mission of being passionate and professional; and I believe he played a major role in the company's overall success. I can only hope to one day be as accomplished in my career as Bradford is.

Chelsea CrolandActively recruiting for a quickly-growing, TOP 5 mortgage lender!

Brad's innovative apprentice/talent-discovery programs are designed to attract the 'diamond-in-the-ruff' individuals to your organization that can be cultivated into fantastic, loyal long-term employees; all with an ever-present focus on organizational ROI.

Brad has a very warm and friendly demeanor, with a splash of humor and serious work ethic! His unique approach flips traditional talent management on it's head; his talent management programs are designed to be interactive and engaging!

Brad's unique approach to attracting talent to an organization rather than finding talent for an organization is very intriguing and refreshing.

Ryan Thomas HuffHelping businesses of all sizes utilize and adopt cloud and on-premise delivered communication technologies and SD-WAN network architectures.

Brad is not your typical HR person he is a creative problem solver with an unrivaled work ethic. Upon joining Adcap, he took the time to sit down with the “top performers” to understand our challenges. In that conversation, I conveyed to Brad my challenge, in that working large complex solutions I did not having enough time to devote to developing new pipeline. Brad listened to the sales team and developed a sales talent development program that helped the top performers with lead generation while at the same time training young inexperienced cold-callers into seasoned sales professionals. I was fortunate enough to have 3 sales apprentices and over that 2 year period that translated into over $10 Million in additional revenue, 1 sales apprentice has developed into the #4 account manager in the organization with a $6 Million territory.

Kyle BurrissSenior National Account Manager at ConvergeOne

Not many companies can claim to have talent such as Brad's leading their HR department along with the process of talent finding.

I have been with Adcap for just over a year. However, in just that short time, it is so very obvious to me that a huge part of the reason why the company's name is so big, popular and visible in this industry, regardless of the great deal of competitors out there, is the result of Brad's continuous work and successful efforts to get the Adcap name out there.

I was always impressed by how easy Brad can address and direct a room full of people, express ideas and get people motivated to get up and take part of company projects and events. His positive and energetic persona is a real motivator.

Any organization will be privileged to have Brad Wilkins on their side.

Ramon JavierTechnical Consulting Engineer (High-Touch Engineer) at Cisco

Brad was my boss for one summer when I was an intern at ADCAP Network Systems. He taught me all about talent management and recruiting and developed my skills throughout the summer. I was part of the inaugural intern class. As expected there were some bumps along the way in a new program, however, Brad handled every problem with grace and professionalism. Every time something went wrong, Brad was able to turn it into a learning lesson for us all. He was a truly talented developer and an even better boss to work for. I enjoyed my time at ADCAP immensely and especially enjoyed working for Brad.

Jamie RosenbergConsultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Few interns have the opportunity to report directly to a director who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Brad. I had the pleasure of interning for Brad over some of the first few months of his employment with ADCAP Network Systems and was continuously impressed by his ability to dive in to every challenge and opportunity head first without a sweat of hesitation. One of the many invaluable lessons I learned while observing Brad was the importance of valuing every employee who steps into your office and communicating that great value to them. Not only did I watch Brad communicate to his employees in this uplifting way, but I, a temporary intern, also felt inspired by his coaching and investment to my future endeavors. Brad is the type of director that I keep in touch with and will definitely continue to reach out to as my career advances!
I would encourage anyone to get to know or work for Brad.

Lauren ThompsonRecruiting & HR Specialist at icp

I had the privilege of interning for Brad at Adcap Network Systems, and it was such a pleasure. He definitely knows everything you need to know about HR, Recruiting, and Talent Management. I not only learned a great deal while working for him, but I also turn to him any time I face a new challenge at work. I am incredibly grateful for everything he has taught me in my career.

April PetersenInsurance Specialist at Atlanta Oral & Facial Surgery, LLC.

Brad presented at my STEM Talent Acquisition Strategies event recently and amazed me and the audience with his story and presentation style. He is incredibly personable, engaging, passionate and witty - and he brings all of these qualities to his presentations.

The content he delivered was right on the mark and had a real impact on the attendees. If possible I would have him present at all of my events. He gives participants actionable strategies to utilize and ignites the "a-ha" moments within us that we all strive to have.

It's evident that Brad cares about his messaging, brand, and the people he shares his expertise with, by his attention to detail before and during events.

I would highly recommend Brad as someone to connect, collaborate and create with.

Amanda LewisVP of Strategic Content Development, Talent Acquisition Practice Leader, Event Producer

I had the pleasure of working for Brad at Adcap Network Systems, as part of their Internship Program. Brad is an excellent mentor. He cares about making sure that all interns get to have a wonderful experience during the internship and that they can learn as much as possible, through meaningful projects and tasks. I can honestly say that the experience I gained under Brad’s mentorship allowed me to move to the next step of my professional career. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity he gave me and for his continuous mentorship and advice.

Isa Santori, PHRCounsel & HR Manager at Evans General Contractors, LLC

Brad is an outstanding leader and mentor. I have not only grown in my professional life but my personal life as well learning through his experiences and daily collaboration. Brad certainly goes above and beyond to make a difference, and has certainly enhanced the Adcap Network Systems team and talent.

Annemarie YoungerEnterprise Account Executive at Arctic Wolf

Bradford is a talented presenter, captivating audiences seamlessly entertaining while selling.

Greg Hilsenrath, PsyDSales Director at Aparavi Software

I had the privilege of attending Brad's presentation at Workforce Live! in Atlanta ('13) on bridging talents gaps via apprenticeship programs at AdCap. His energy and enthusiasm for his guidance of AdCap's unique talent culture came across clearly and genuinely. He is a gifted ambassador for improving business results through the focused development of people

Mark R ThompsonSales Executive I Revenue Collective Member I Team Builder

Working under Brad was an amazing learning experience for me. His dedication to the development of the internship program was clear, as my entire time spent with him was one of the most worthwhile work experiences I have had. Not only was he a dedicated leader and roll-model for us, but Brad was also a friend we could feel comfortable coming to if we had any concerns or new ideas to explore. The training he provided me and the other interns allowed us to grow and advance in our fields with great success- as well as enabling us to realize that a work environment doesn't have to be boring. Brad was honestly one of the best teachers I have had, giving me the confidence to take on my next steps in life and the knowledge of what a job could be like if I wanted it.

Meghan Xandra SeidnerContent Creator & Social Media Manager at UPtv January 20, 2014, Meghan Xandra reported directly to Brad

Bradford was on the panel of Talent Acquisition experts at The Ladders JobMobile networking event in Atlanta. He was candid, articulate, engaging and gave the audience actionable takeaways. I would happily recommend him for any speaking events, especially those involving the value of human capital and how companies can maximize their efforts with regards to their people and talent.

Lissa Bowen (She/Her)Talent Acquisition | Talent Management | Consulting | Coaching | Executive Recruiting

Bradford does a wonderful job of mixing humor and subject matter expertise to enlighten and engage audiences. Do NOT be alarmed if he walks onto the stage with an elephant head.

Cortne Pappas, GSDSolving Data Security, Compliance & Risk Challenges on Premise & in the Cloud with Encryption, Key Mgmt. & Tokenization.

Brad Wilkins did a great job presenting on apprenticeships at our Workforce Live event in Atlanta. His topic was fresh--turning to the old idea of apprenticeships to address current problems of skills shortages and high unemployment. And his delivery was by turns informative, funny and poignant. He is a high-energy guy, and his enthusiasm was contagious.

Ed FrauenheimCo-author of Reinventing Masculinity, co-founder of The Teal Team

Having the opportunity to work with Brad and hone in my sales training skills with WSE was amazing.The training and how Brad facilitated the information was fresh and extremely organized. Brads' enthusiasm for teaching the WSE concepts was bar none. Every day for 2 weeks he was on his "A" game his energy was never ending. I believe this experience was the best sales training I have ever received. Brad set the bar very high for what to expect from a corporate training curriculum.

Laura CzerwinLearn How to Lead a Healthier Life at Laura Czerwin Coaching

Brad was a great leader to our recruiting team during my time with WSE. He developed a virtual training program for a very diverse group of sales professionals that was phenomenal! He understands how to develop employees on a career path that gives them the reins and fills the needs of the company. He consistently delivered content in an engaging manner and with checkpoints to gauge retention of the material. And everyone knows how hard it is to keep a sales person's attention! I would highly recommend Brad for any role that highlights his skill in career development and training.

Teresa LewisRegional community and admin support manager at CW RESOURCES INC

Brad is a creative and enthusiastic team trainer. He's extremely intelligent and dynamic, as well. He would be extremely successful delivering training, development and/or leadership material in an impactful and engaging way. I would recommend or hire him for motivational speaking and content development and delivery.

Erika Grace Allen (she/her)Award-Winning Training, Learning & Talent Development (TL&D) Leader | Learning Program Manager/Director, Trainer / Facilitator (Virtual + Classroom), Instructional Designer, ATD Master Trainer, Performance Coach

Bradford is an exceptional creative talent. Training can be tedious, and boring, Brad makes it informative,and more importantly, memorable.

Craig DouglassNational Director/Tax Resolution Advisor Division

I was fortunate enough to have gone thru a training program led by Bradford which opened new doors for me and led to my successful employment with WSE . Brads enthusiastic approach to teaching new skills to a very diverse group was something to look forward to everyday .

Eric FronczakCommitment to Excellence

Brad is an excellent recruiter and trainer, learned more after spending a few weeks with Brad then months with other training and development managers. His organizational skills and training methodology made the entire process not only thorough but enjoyable.

Dale HansenDirector of Operations at Genesis Energy Management

I joined Wilkins Fitness in September 2011 after many years of sales experience with a fortune 100 company and other companies. Working for Wilkins is so refreshing! Brad has been so helpful and encouraging from day one. What I realized from day one is Brad and the rest of the Wilkins Executive team are genuinely concerned about the success of everyone. A lot of company executives seem to have the motto "what can you do for us". Brad and the other Wilkins executives have a motto which says "what can we do to make you a success". This is not a motto written somewhere in the company bylaws it is a motto they show by example. I am very happy and proud to be associated with Wilkins Fitness. I could not have made a better choice.

Barre WheatleyEmerging Technology Coordinator at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch

I had the pleasure of working with Brad Wilkins for several years. He quickly learned the business and continually made thoughtful suggestions that often resulted in improvements and increased sales. His intuitive business sense was quickly realized and continually improved based upon his experiences. Brad is a quick learner and had become experienced business person. Additionally he was a pleasure to work with.

Lloyd WoodDelivering product content solutions to market leaders at GfK

Brad is a deadline oriented person that is independent and customer focused strategist. Innovative perfectionist always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. Has an in-depth understanding of modern IT technologies. Brad has many unique skills and knows how to think outside the box.

Eric ElgarTransforming Past IT Perceptions Beyond Business Expectations Through Agility and Automation

Brad is one of the most diligent, enthusiastic and energetic sales professionals I've ever worked with. He brings a real passion to his work and I have learned a lot of new concepts that will be of benefit in my career as result of his efforts.

Bob CostlowCommercial Vertical Sales at Wilkins Fitness Enterprises

I have nothing but accolades for Brad. Though this position is my first foray into sales, Brad never made me feel inferior to the rest of the group who have years and years of sales experience. He has always been supportive and patient, answering whatever questions I had. He is dependable, conscientious, and hard-working, oftentimes working into the very late hours of the night.

Being a high school mathematics teacher for over 14 years, I know the difficulty of engaging students for a 90 minute period class. That being said, I found Brad to be extremely engaging. His lessons were both humorous and thorough. Though the training is long, Brad and the Wilkins family do their best to give someone all the tools and knowledge one needs to succeed. They do not believe in hiring you and then throwing you out to the wolves to figure out on your own. I believe the Wilkins training is superb. When I speak about the things that I've learned from my training with my friends who are successful, seasoned sales reps, they reaffirm that I am receiving outstanding training. I could not have asked for a better "first" sales job than the one with Wilkins Fitness!

Irene ChanSales Consultant / Educator at Self employed / Licensed Real Estate Agent

Working with Brad and Wilkins Fitness Enterprises has been a unique, rewarding and fun experience even through the long days of academy training. Brad’s training brings forth his unique sense of humor, humility and industry experience. When you need an answer Brad will be there for you, no matter what time of the day. Brads support and interest in helping territory managers achieve their goals and success is admirable. I’m excited and proud to be part of the team!

Holly TrouttBusiness Solutions and Media Consultant

Brad leads and advanced training seminar that is extremely comprehensive and informative. One of the best sales training programs I have attended.

Kevin RagsdaleSales Consultant at Raymour and Flanigan

Brad Wilkins is an incredible professional who delivers leadership, support, and has an uncanny talent to extract the drive in us as colleagues to succeed. He leads by example, which is reflected by the many relationships he's cultivated through his career. It's an honor to work with him and exciting to travel this road with Wilkins Fitness Enterprises.

Rob MurphyLicensed Realtor at Keystone Commercial Realty

Bradford Wilkins is a talented business leader and dedicated educator. He leads by example and truly teaches and advises from the heart. Brad and the Wilkins Fitness Team are a passionate group of professionals who promote a formula for success that is centered on integrity and family values. Brad is always available for anything I may need, and I am honored to be part of his team.

Jerry NoldeVimeo OTT Customer Service at ModSquad

Bradford is an amazing executive that can multi task numerous large projects with great precision and quality production. He is a consummate professional with a perfect track record of over achieving. If you are looking to have something done right and in short order, you will find few as reliable and with the sincere integrity as Brad. I am happy to give him my highest recommendation and endorsement.

Ken CarpenterVP International Sales Torque Fitness ♦ I am searching for the best Fitness Distributors in each market globally

Brad is an exceptionally intelligent, motivated and entertaining person to work with. I have never in my life been able to put full trust and security into someone I work with, and Brad always delivers. He may work himself to death, but that's what makes him such a success in what he does. He is always determined to finish what he's started and obtain the best (and only the best..he refuses to settle) of everything from team members to internal business protocols. He knows how a business should operate and succeed, he just gets it. He's truly gifted in this area, and I feel priviledged to have not only worked with Brad but to have learned from him as well.

Meredith MayExecutive Administrative Business Partner

Brad is one of the most energetic and dynamic speakers I have ever seen. I will never forget when Brad first arrived in Romania to help us launch and train 40 new Devix Corporation team members. Brad began his presentation to the team by giving a 5 minute speech in Romanian – even though everyone on our team spoke English. From that moment on, Brad had the attention and respect of everyone on our team. His ability to ask the right questions to get an understanding of the issues at hand instead of assuming he knows everything means he could make an impact on areas as diverse as software developers, graphic designers, administrative support, sales and senior management. He adapts like a chameleon yet at the same time is always straight forward and true to himself. If I was wanting to establish a culture of teamwork, discipline, and integrity, Brad would be the first person I would call.

Catalin StefPresident and Executive Board Member at AscentCore Partner and Member of the Board Of Directors at Usource Technology

I first met Brad in 2006 at Devix Corporation, where we often worked together on various communications projects and operational issues. Brad is a creative thinker and natural leader who keeps his eye on what's best for the organization at all times. I also found him to be a collaborative team member, someone who is willing to work together to achieve a common goal. Brad demonstrates a real knack for sales and business development. His global knowledge, unique skill set, and vision really set him apart. His outgoing nature and ability to communicate make those attributes even more visible and accessible. I see great things ahead for him.

Margaret (Peggy) McGuinnessPatient Access Specialist at MAYO CLINIC JACKSONVILLE

Brads intelligence and ability to mentor as well as create solid relationships made him a valuable asset to the Devix team. Brad was always passionate and provided creative insight to any and every task presented. Brad is extremely dedicated to making sure the best service and solution is provided and the level of effort he puts into everything he does is supreme. He is sure to be a success in any endeavor he chooses to pursue.

Rachel S.Director, B2B Event Brand Marketing Technologist