Brad received his degree from the University of Maryland-College Park and currently lives in Atlanta with wife Marissa, their son Jonah and daughter Gabrielle. His passionate hobbies include basketball, theater, travel and food.

Brad’s Family

Brad met his wife, Marissa in Atlanta in July 2014. They were engaged by March and married in August 2015. Marissa is a physician specializing in Allergy/Immunology. Together, they have two incredible children Jonah Shai and Gabrielle Mira.

Basketball Referee

Brad is a local Varsity basketball referee in the Greater Atlanta area. He started refereeing at the University of Maryland and continued when he lived in New York City where he was able to referee at Rucker Park and West 4th Street.  Unexpectedly his pursuit of excellence led him to be invited to try out as a referee in the NBA. While he was unsuccessful, he shared the learnings from his journey here: